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New Today Explored. Thursday 17th Feb 2022

National MP backs NSW nurses strike

Adam Marshall, member for Northern Tablelands in NSW has backed the nurses strike, saying it was a 'last-gasp plea" for help in a system that has made " health about wealth".

He slammed paying locums large sums to fill in gaps in rural health, and said there was no point upgrading hospitals if there were not the staff to operate them. Dr Joe McGirr, Independent for Wagga Wagga said that the first focus of any health departmetn should be "to make sure we can get medical staff out to our hospitals, supporing our nurses and allied health."

Families from Sandy Hook win case against Remington

Nine families who took Remington Arms to court over the killing of children and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the US in December 2021, have won their case and received a payout of $73 million.

The ongoing effort to hold the gunmaker to account had to work around legal protection from civil litigationn for gun makers and dealers . Remington also filed two bankruptcy claims during the period.

The gun used in the crime was an AR-15 originally made for combat. Marketing of the gun since 2007 used product placement in first person shooter games and championed it as an effective killing machine. This formed the basis of the families' law suit, which proved to be successful.

Vaccines help treat and prevent Long Covid

A study review by the UK Health and Security Agency has concluded that Covid-19 vaccine can reduce symptoms of Long Covid in patients, as well as greatly reducing the likelihood of getting post-Covid symptoms in those already vaccinated. Fifteen UK and international studies were included in the review. Data suggests that those who received two doses of Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Moderna were half as likely to get post-Covid symptoms particularly for over 60’s. Those that received a vaccination after being infected reported shorter duration of post-Covid symptoms.

Trump Legal Woes getting real

Former US president Donald Trump’s accounting firm Mazars, made the astonishing announcement on Monday that they would no longer be working for him and did not stand behind any of his financial information, indicating that no-one should rely on the company’s assessments of his finances over the past decade.

NY Attorney General Letitia James is investigating allegations of over and under valuations of assets by the Trump Organisation made to gain loans for the company and has revealed that she has uncovered information that indicated that they had in fact done this.

Trump is facing at least eight other legal investigations ranging from defamation lawsuits to his role in the January 6th, 2021 insurrection when citizens stormed the White House with his apparent encouragement.

Terrance Flowers, wrongly accused of being Cleo Smith’s abductor, paid out by Channel Seven

Mr Terrance Flowers, who was incorrectly identified by Channel Seven, Australia, as the abductor of Cleo Smith, snatched in October by Terrance Kelly from Carnarvon in Western Australia, has received a pay out from the media company.

Mr Flowers also goes by the name Terrance Kelly. He became fearful of leaving the house after he was identified by photograph in the news media. He declared himself “very happy” with the outcome and was looking forward to moving on with his life and spending time with his six-month old son.

NZ protestors digging in on Parliament grounds

Anti-vaccination-mandate protestors are now in their tenth day of camping on Parliament grounds, an act that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says is “illegal," and “would not change the Government's focus.

Police have threatened to tow vehicles that are parked illegally, disrupting traffic flow and business activity, however that has yet to happen.

Stuff reporter Henry Cooke says that a protestor he spoke to did not believe police would tow his vehicle. He was at the protest because he didn’t think he would be affected by Covid-19 if he caught it and he didn’t agree with mask mandates.

Piles of rubbish bags are being collected daily by the Wellington City Council making the protestors lives easier.

Top ranking officials are meeting with the Officials' Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination (ODESC) this morning to make sure “all risks and potential implications” of the protest are understood.

Trade association Retail New Zealand said the protestors had been abusive and aggressive to customers and business owners. They are asking for targeted government support following a 70% loss in trade. Businesses across the city have been affected, particularly in foot traffic.

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